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18000mAh Portable Power Bank with Dual USB Outputs

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Looking for a reliable and powerful power bank to keep your devices charged on-the-go? Our Wireless Power Bank 18000mAh Portable Battery Charger is the perfect solution! With a high capacity of 18000mAh, this power bank can charge your devices multiple times without needing to be recharged itself. It is the perfect accessory for travelers, hikers, and anyone who needs to stay connected on the move.

High Capacity:
With a massive 18000mAh battery capacity, this power bank can charge your devices multiple times before it needs to be recharged itself. It can charge most smartphones up to 5 times(depending on your phone conversion rate), tablets up to 2 times, and even laptops once.

Wireless Charging:
Our power bank comes with a built-in wireless charging pad, allowing you to charge your compatible devices without any cables. Simply place your device on the pad, and it will start charging immediately. The wireless charging pad is compatible with all Qi-enabled devices.

Fast Charging:
Our power bank supports fast charging up to 18W, ensuring that your devices charge quickly and efficiently. It also supports multiple charging protocols, including USB-C PD, QC 3.0, and AFC.

Dual USB Ports:
The power bank comes equipped with two USB ports, allowing you to charge two devices simultaneously. It also features a USB-C port that supports bidirectional charging, allowing you to charge the power bank itself quickly.

Portable and Convenient:
The compact and lightweight design of our power bank makes it incredibly convenient to carry with you wherever you go. The built-in LED lights indicate the battery level of the power bank, ensuring that you never run out of power unexpectedly.

Safety and Protection:
Our power bank is designed with built-in overcharging, overcurrent, and short-circuit protection, ensuring the safety and protection of your devices and the power bank itself.

In conclusion, our Wireless Power Bank 18000mAh Portable Battery Charger is the perfect solution for anyone who needs to stay connected on-the-go. With a high capacity, wireless charging, fast charging, dual USB ports, and safety features, it is the ultimate accessory for your devices. Don't let a low battery ruin your day - get our Wireless Power Bank today!


Capacity: 18000mAh
Input: 5V/1A(Max.)
Output: 5V/2.1A, 5V1A
Size: 161*76*18mm
Weight: 180g