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NFC Bluetooth Call Smartwatch - Waterproof - ECG+PPG - Sport Fitness Tracker

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Configuration Information


Supported mobile systems: IOS 10.0 and above, Android 5.0 and above

Bluetooth. BLE5.0

Waterproof rating: IP67

Material: plastic mid-frame + metal face ring

Screen resolution: 240*240

Screen Type: 1.28 inch full lamination HD

Battery capacity: 260mAh


Function Profile

Bluetooth call, date/day of the week display, weather push, physiological cycle (only available when APP-gender is set to female), countdown timer, card management, remote photo taking, sedentary reminder, pedometer, distance, calories, heart rate/blood pressure/blood oxygen/stress/cardiac/sleep monitoring, Bluetooth music control, incoming call reminder, SMS reminder, social app message reminder, alarm reminder, workout mode, hands up Light up screen, find phone, stopwatch, reject call, do not disturb mode, multi-dial switching, brightness adjustment, firmware update, etc.


Device support languages

Simplified Chinese, English, Italian, Japanese, German, Spanish, French, Russian, Portuguese, Polish, Turkish, Greek, Hebrew, Czech, Hungarian, Arabic


APP and information push languages

Russian, Bulgarian, Hungarian, Turkish, Hebrew, German, Italian, Czech, Slovak, Japanese, French, Polish, Thai, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Finnish, English, Portuguese, Spanish, Arabic.


Kind tips

1. Dear friends, after receiving the watch, please charge it first. The watch battery is low due to long-term logistics. Before use, please scan the QR code on the manual to download the APP, and connect the watch through the APP.


Smart Talking Health Watch

Large HD Display | Bluetooth Calling | Rotary Button | NFC

Magnetic charging I Large number of dials | Multiple sports

Health monitoring


8 reasons to choose us


  • Large HD screen 1.28", 240*240px
  • Bluetooth calling Always online
  • Rotate button
  • Health monitoring
  • Multiple sports modes
  • NFC access control
  • Large number of dials
  • Magnetic charging



See more and know more

Larger field of view and

clearer details


1.28" IPS display with up to 240*240px resolution

Bringing a clear visual experience on the wrist with

ultra-high colour saturation. Realistic and vivid display

with tempered glass full touch experience sublimation


A seamless integration

a work of art

A borderless design with a glass interface and a slim metal body. Each screen display is clear and dynamic, giving

you an open visual enjoyment

Rotating buttons & Easier Operation

Rotate the button to switch directly to the dial interface, long press to switch on/off. Short press on other interface to return to previous level, morem convenient and quick, prevent accidental touch


Bluetooth calling- One click for simultaneous chat

Push incoming calls to your watch, answer them with one click and make Bluetooth calls through your watch Free up your hands and make communication more free


Caller ID

One look and it's confirmed

Important calls and messages at your fingertips, just lift your wrist and touch the watch screen. Your phone contacts and recent calls at a glance, plus one-touch dialing

Easy to keep track of your life


Real-time message Synchronisation

Don't miss TA's messages

Support for incoming calls, Line, Twitter, messages and other alerts to check information in time. Never miss an important moment


A wide range of dials at your disposal

Rich pre-set dials, dial shop. With over 100+ dials to meet the diverse needs of different users


Personalized Dial

Support uploading photos from your phone and customising the dial function, whichever photo you like you can put it on your wrist. You can see your favorite family members/people/pets/scenery in your hand.

Two menustyles

2 built-in menu styles, whether you prefer the classic list menu or the new honeycomb menu, you can easily change it - the choice is yours!


Multiple exercise modes

The watch has a variety of built-in sports modes, whether it's daily hiking and playing football or hiking and cycling, you can set your sports goals and record your. The easy-to-understand interface, such as a personal trainer on your wrist, helps your freedom to exercise with more discipline


Professional movement analysis - Scientific recording for greater efficiency

Scientific exercise training system, tailor-made plan for you support all-round exercise data tracking Heart rate, time, distance, steps, calories, etc., training data at a glance.


Capture Every wave of your heart

Adopt Al heart rate algorithm, 24 hours intelligent monitoring heart rate, always care about your heart Keep up to date with changes in your body.


Dual monitoring of blood pressure and oxygen

Professional grade bio-sensing chip for more accurate blood pressure and oxygen measurement. Real-time monitoring and automatic data saving and uploading to APP


Sleep monitoring

No need to set it manually before going to bed, the watch automatically senses when you fall asleep at night your sleep status, recording total sleep time, awake time, deep sleep and light sleep. The watch also records the total number of hours you sleep, the time you are awake, the number of hours you sleep deeply and the number of hours you sleep lightly. Helps you develop good sleep habits


Pressure monitoring

People can only see you as an overwhelming force, but they don't see the stress that lies beneath the tough exterior. The watch reads and analyses your stress levels throughout the day through changes in heart rate. Combining work and play helps you to stay on track at all times.


IP67 waterproof - Worry-free to wear

Based on a daily waterproof rating standard, it protects against sweat and raindrops and meets for everyday wear


Extra large battery capacity for extra long battery life

Get to work, play sports and have fun! Even with a full schedule with the watch's large 260mAh battery, you don't have to worry about losing power throughout the week.


Weather Forecast

Keep up to date with weather changes and the week ahead 


Put it on and travel with ease

Take your watch with you and you'll know everything on the go music control, breathing exercises, check messages, setting reminders and more. When your phone isn't with you, the watch helps you quickly locate your phone and easily find it. Convenient living, that's how easy it is


Available in two colours